How can I make a profit in the Metaverse?

In the MaNEKO Metaverse you can earn two types of income - passive and active. Passive income can be earned simply by saving an in-game token in your wallet. You can generate active income by playing games and reselling unique NFTs. You can easily combine both types of earnings and earn even more rewards. The choice is yours!
Up Ver. 1.1 Metaverse
Our token's smart contract has an automatic farming mechanism right in your wallet, so you don't even need to do anything other than the initial purchase of tokens.
Male types of MaNEKO Army Metaverse characters are used to raise funds by participating in
Battles, both among themselves and with game characters.
By acquiring a male character with higher characteristics and improving it, the user has an increased opportunity to get more income in the metaverse.
Female types of MaNEKO Army Metaverse characters are used for
Farming. Users will be able to earn passive income in NEK tokens by buying and improving a female character.