MaNEKO Army Metaverse

is a decentralized metaplatform. MaNEKO Finance have built our metaplatform for passive and active income based on the greatest blockchain Binance Smart Chain.
The MaNEKO Army metaverse is a GameFi universe of cats based on unique characters with their own unique personalities and abilities. MaNEKO's Army consists of female and male characters. Each avatar of MaNEKO Army is a unique work of an artist designed specifically for the Metaverse. The total number of characters has more than 2000 avatars.

About ArtNFT Metaverse

Blockchain startup MaNEKO Finance ( has completed the creation of ArtNFT collections of unique MaNEKO Army characters, for the future of its own GameFi universe. The international cryptocurrency calendar was the leading partner of the MaNEKO Finance project
A group of talented artists are working on the creation of MaNEKO Army characters, whose works have already become commercially successful on (NFT Marketplace) “. The basis for the future collection was the friendly cat Maneki-Neko. Maneki-Neko (招き猫, lit. ‘beckoning cat’)- a friendly cat with a raised paw is a symbol of good luck and prosperity in Asian culture.
The first 100 characters from the AptNFT collection of the MaNEKO Army collection are already available on OpenSea.
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