Community problem solving

Our Vision

MaNEKO Finance is actively developing commercially successful areas in the blockchain sector. One of the fastest and most powerfully developing is the GameFi sector. We analyzed the current state and realized that at the moment the community needs a meta universe of games with MMORPG elements.
MMORPG is a computer game in which the genre of role-playing games is combined with the genre of mass online games. MMORPGs can also be presented in browser form, but the main feature of the genre is the interaction of a large number of players within the virtual world.

About NFT

Let's touch on NFT, just imagine - you have your own personal game item and the blockchain confirms your ownership of that item. With NFT, you can increase your profits from the game and get more annual returns from our automatic passive income farming. And most importantly: our target is to enable people to make money with the game. As a result, we formed a question to ourselves as the developers of this metaverse and proceeded to solve it.