Technical part

MaNEKO Army Metaverse is a decentralized metaverse based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain based on GameFi, DeFi and Play-to-Earn canon. We use NFT standard BEP1155 and token standard BEP20 to allow the user to pay less commission and get more value out of our project.
The main part of MaNEKO Army Metaverse is NFTs inside the metaverse, which users use in the game to personalize their character and get more profit from the game.
Female types of MaNEKO Army Metaverse
Female types of MaNEKO Army Metaverse characters are used for
Farming. Users will be able to earn passive income in NEK tokens by buying and improving a female character.
Male types of MaNEKO Army Metaverse
Male types of MaNEKO Army Metaverse characters are used to raise funds by participating in
Battles, both among themselves and with game characters.
By acquiring a male character with higher characteristics and improving it, the user has an increased opportunity to get more income in the metaverse.
Binance Smart Chain (BSC) supports its own standards of non-exchangeable tokens: BEP-721 and BEP-1155. In terms of functionality, they are similar to Ethereum standards with the same numbers (ERC-721, ERC-1155). The creation, sale and purchase of non-exchangeable tokens on BSC is cheaper than on Ethereum due to the technical advantages of the blockchain. You can store the purchased tokens in a Trust Wallet supported by Binance.