Token Mechanics
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Initial token distribution represents the total $NEK token supply of 7,800,000,000 tokens.
90% Tokens are blocked on 2 smart contracts (escrow | Ethereum and BCS).

MaNEKO NFT Marketplace
NFT Market-buy exclusive art works for $NEK! Digital art Gallery, where thousands of talented artists from all over the world will be able to share their unique works.


2000 piece | $150-$2000/1 piece

GameFi | NFT
$NEK token plays a major role in the metaverse and is a currency. The functions of our token are extensive and you have the opportunity to learn about them in full right now. Token is used to pay rewards, buy items within the metaverse, owning the right amount of tokens allows you to take part in the launchpad of new Metaverse, token is used for farming.

up 8,000,000 $NEK

10% $NEK

5% $NEK

10% $NEK

DeFI | Staking | Farming
DeFi is a platform for the rapid exchange of digital assets and the creation of liquidity for $NEK and other friendly projects. Staking, Farming.

Gifts | Market | Fun
Buy exclusive products that bring joy using $NEK on MaNEKO Fun Market! Cute gifts for yourself and your loved ones, bringing warmth and joy.

Cash | Payment
Buy with the help of a branded plastic card MaNEKO CARD Visa around the world! Your $NEK will always come to the rescue and fulfill all your dreams.

Payment | NFT | Staking
A multi-platform cryptocurrency wallet with storage and Betting functions. Allowing you to transfer $NEK in the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks around the world.

Donate | Payment
Support the work of more than 1000 charitable organizations around the world (Greenpeace, UNICEF, WWF and ...) with $NEK on the MaNEKO Charity platform.
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